3 Ways Mental Health Providers Can Grow Their Practice in 2018

Posted on  October 31, 2017


The field of mental health providers is growing at a rapid pace. According to Mental Health American, there is currently an average of 1 mental health provider to every 1000 patients in need. The continual effort to keep up with demand is driving steady growth. If you are struggling to grow your practice, there are 3 essential ways keys that mental health providers can use 2018. Take a look below to see what key factors you should consider before the start of the new year.

Telehealth for Mental Health Providers

Telehealth has proven beneficial to in multiple specialties of the healthcare industry. It has proven especially valuable to mental health providers. The ability to meet with patients through audio/video conferences opens an entirely new line of communication. Often, patients struggling with mental health issues battle with making it to the doctor’s office. The ability to meet with their provider from the comfort of their own environment can provide a different kind of healing. Giving a safe setting for patients to seek treatment, mental health providers that choose to use telehealth set their practice apart keeping them competitive in their field. Patients that feel safe are more likely to seek treatment. In response to that, more patients will come to your practice if it has a reputation of offering unique and personalized care. Telehealth provides this kind of care.

Certified EHR Technology / Patient Portal

Certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) is showing up more and more in the behavioral health field. This kind of software allows practices to provide easy access for patients to view their health records and stay engaged via a patient portal. Mental health providers that apply this to their interaction with patients promote engagement and pursuit of knowledge. Mental health patients that have easy access to their health information through patient portals stay more involved in their own health. This growth in engagement encourages better outcomes and will result in growing your practice through positive feedback and referrals.

Healthy Website

A great way for mental health providers to grow their practice is to maintain a healthy website. Websites are often the first place that an individual looks when researching places to seek treatment. A website that gives guidance in addition to an abundance of information is more likely to get interaction from potential patients. Keeping your information current and understandable is an important part of this. Also, mental health providers offering current articles about research in the field, or answering common questions are helpful for patients who are considering treatment. Don’t forget, if your patient feels comfortable doing so, an online review works like magic.

By using these three methods/tools, mental health providers can grow their practice in 2018. They expand your line of communication and facilitate ease of access to health information. Patients struggling with mental health issues are more likely to seek treatment if it is convenient, easy, and understandable.

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