4 Tips for a Successful Private Practice in 2017

Posted on  October 26, 2017


Regardless of what stage a provider is at in their medical career, the thought of private practice has crossed their mind. The dream of running their own operation and choosing the patients they see is a goal that might seem out of reach for some individuals fresh to the field. Providers who already have their own practice still worry about the security of their future. The truth is, achieving a successful private practice is not out of reach. Providers who are willing to take the necessary steps and realize their responsibility through the process have every opportunity for a successful private practice.

Tips for a Successful Private Practice:

  1. Understand Your Responsibility:

If you have previously worked outside of a successful private practice, your responsibility will be much different now. While you were not in charge at your last job, you also didn’t have to think about a lot of little things, like office supplies, the cost of staff or managing revenue. Your responsibility, should you set the goal of starting a successful private practice, will consist of more than just treating patients. You will be in charge of maintaining your own practice.

  1. Understand Marketing

Even though you get to the point where your doors are open, there is no guarantee that patients will walk in the door. Providers need to make sure they are branding themselves and maintaining an image that appeals to patients. Once you have established a brand, get your name out there. Utilize outlets like social media to spread the word that your practice is the one patients should visit. Focus on marketing to the correct demographic and you will earn the provisions for a successful private practice.

  1. Find a Mentor

While you may feel like you have everything prepared for a successful private practice, there is always more to learn. A great resource for preventing initial errors is to talk to someone who has already walked the steps you are about to take. A mentor can give advice about technology needs, outsourcing billing, staff necessities, and other important information that helped build their successful private practice. Making sure you utilize those who went before you is a smart decision when deciding to start yourself.

  1. Fill a Specific Need

While some providers multi-specialty, it might be better to specialize depending on your location. Find an area of need in your community, and fill it. By assessing your environment, and providing what it is lacking, you are more likely to be successful. Ensuring patients something they don’t already have is a great step towards opening a successful private practice.

While these are just a few tips for opening a successful private practice, if followed they will prove worthwhile. Providers willing to take the steps necessary will ultimately find themselves on safe ground.

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