6 Traits Medical Billing Specialists Need for 2018

Posted on  October 25, 2017


For those searching far and wide for a job in the healthcare industry that is perfect for them, it’s time to consider becoming a medical billing specialist. Behind the scenes, these individuals work to make sure the submission of insurance claims are correct and prompt. Equipped with character and drive, medical billing specialists work to dispute claims. Along with following up on payments, and talking with insurance companies. These experts are necessary to providers all over the country. Researchers expects this field to grow extensively in coming years. They have also named key traits candidates will need to have to be successful. Here are 6 traits medical billing specialists need for 2018.

Communication Skills

While you won’t be talking face to face with patients, communications skills are still essential to success in this field. You will need to interact with others in your department, insurance companies, and other people associated with the billing process, including patients. When disputing rejected claims a medical billing specialist may need to be able to be assertive at times. If an individual finds themselves uneasy with talking to other people or putting their foot down, they will quickly run into problems.


Along with the large amount of coding associated with billing, a medical billing specialist must be well-versed in terminology. Part of the job is to interpret notes left by a physician accurately. If you are not familiar with the language/coding, then you risk late and/or rejected claims. A successful medical billing specialist needs to be familiar with ICD-10 coding and protocol. Individuals equipped with the proper training and certification are perfect for the job.

Skills with Technology

Technology related with a medical billing specialist position can vary depending on what practice you end up at. Providers are often using electronic health record technology in the office for coding and billing. It is important that you have the skills ready for using this technology. Professionals should be familiar with Microsoft Office as well. There is training available for these kinds of software and some providers offer on the job training as well.

Experience in a Specialty

While it is helpful to have a general knowledge of medical billing processes, having knowledge about a specific specialty is a plus. There is a wide range of codes associated with specialties like G.I. as opposed to cardiac specialties. Previous experience and familiarity with a specialty will give you an essential advantage.


Having access to private patient information means you need to have integrity. Medical billing specialists have access to protected information about a patient that if leaked, could put the patient and a practice at risk.  By law and moral necessity, medical billing specialists must be able to keep information confidential.


Understanding details and descriptions of coding along with physician language goes together with your training and knowledge. But some of the codes and information can be similar. It is important that you pay attention to details that might set information apart. Medical billing specialists needs to be able to spot and correct an error and keep details in order.


When considering whether to pursue a career as a medical billing specialist, review these key traits and make sure that you can see them in yourself.  This will help you in your decision as to whether this is the right career for you.

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