Can Technology Reduce Healthcare Fatigue?

Posted on  January 4, 2018


The heavy load of responsibility that comes with working in the healthcare industry is rampant. Healthcare fatigue is pummeling physicians, taking a heavy toll on their ability to practice. What is healthcare fatigue and how is it impacting our physicians? What tools are there to combat it? According to Medscape, the industry is looking for solutions to combat “emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a diminished sense of personal efficacy.” Technology is a huge tool that can help take some burden and responsibility off of providers.

A common fallacy within the industry is that technology causes healthcare fatigue. This is not the case. Many physicians view technology as something they have to deal with. It helps them accomplish their day to day operations. It also often leaves physicians frustrated.  There a few reasons for this, and ways to overcome them! Technology is a friend for physicians who use it fully. The use of technology can actually reduce healthcare fatigue. It truly restores peace of mind to physicians.

How to use Technology to Reduce Healthcare Fatigue:

1)    Power of Positive Thinking

While this might not seem like a valid way to reduce fatigue, it is. J. Bryan Sexton, Ph.D., director of the Duke University Health System Patient Safety Center at Duke Medicine in Durham, North Carolina released research proving this helps. His research showed that people pull the negatives from any situation and not the positives. It reflects that our mood and emotions alter our perceptions. Many physicians are reluctant and unexcited to adopt new technology to the practice. This alters their perception of it. Providers should spend time developing a positive view of new office technology. Focusing on positive perceptions has proven to reduce healthcare fatigue.

2)    Find the Right Vendor

A major issue that feeds healthcare fatigue is integrating poor technology into your practice. Finding the right fit for technology is important in keeping a good flow to your overall practice. Choosing a specialty specific EHR is a great example of this. Many vendors offer a “One-size-fits-all” option for EHR. This causes major headaches for providers. An EHR specific to your practice can make the use of the technology very simple and helpful for physicians. This reduces stress.

3)    Proper Training

Another major issue that causes healthcare fatigue when using technology is lack of proper training. Adding technology can sometimes be set on the laps of employees without enough training. This leaves physicians and providers frustrated and unhappy with the technology. Having proper training on the tech entering the office will help your team feel more confident. It will also help them really see the benefits of the technology. Also, it will help then reduce fatigue all around.

Using these three tools can really help reduce healthcare fatigue. Especially when it comes to technology. The technology itself is built to take some of the burden and responsibility off of providers. Providers should look for the right technology. With a positive outlook and proper training, technology can be the key. All work to reduce burnout in physicians.

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