Eligible Clinicians Can Make Money from MIPS: Part 2

Posted on  September 19, 2017


In part one we explained that providers can make money from MIPS by increasing their score.  The easiest way to increase your score is to earn bonus points.  CMS has given many ways to earn bonus points in all four categories. Today we will review three more ways your practice can improve your score.


Earning Bonus Points:

In Part 1 you learned about earning bonus points by reporting with CEHRT, reporting more than one high-priority measure, and by 15 or fewer providers in your group.  In Part 2 we will learn about earning bonus points by:

  1. Reporting to more than one public health registries
  2. Using CEHRT to at least 1 of the Improvement Activities
  3. Using only the 2015 edition CEHRT

Public Health Registries:

The most common public health registry reported to is the immunization registry.  This is not relevant to every practice. If you want the chance to make money with MIPS you should report to one or more registries that are relevant. For each registry you report to, you will receive a 5% bonus up to 10%. You can also receive a 5% bonus for each added registry not reported under the performance score. This is a great way to improve your score in the Advancing Care Information category.

Improvement Activities Reported with CEHRT:

Adding an improvement activity to your practice is needed under the MIPS payment track.  To make money from MIPS you’ll add an improvement activity that can be documented and reported with certified EHR technology.  This could be Telehealth or Chronic Care Management services.  Both use CEHRT.

Only Use the 2015 Edition CEHRT:

You will not be penalized for using the 2014 edition CEHRT.  This is important.  You can earn bonus points from using only the 2015 Edition CEHRT. The number of bonus points you will earn has not been decided.  Stay tuned for more information.

Make Money from MIPS

To make money from MIPS earning bonus points is important.  These points will increase your total score and help you rank in the top 25%.  Participants who rank in the top 25% can earn up to a 10% bonus payment.  The amount they earn is based on how high they rank in the top 25%.  Next week we will review three more ways to earn bonus points.

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