Why E-Visits are as Important as Telehealth

Posted on  November 6, 2017


Telehealth has taken the healthcare industry by storm in recent years. It has introduced a new way for patients and doctors to interact. Now with the use of technology, doctor-patient communication has a farther reach. E-visits and telehealth utilize tools like the patient portal to allow doctors to meet with patients and treat them, without being in the same room. With tools like these, providers can reach patients through a larger network than ever before. Patients in rural areas that don’t have easy access to their doctor’s office or hospital don’t have to worry. Telehealth and e-visits go hand-in-hand when providing convenient and quality online care to patients.

Difference between Telehealth and E-visits.

While physicians and their patients often use both at the same time, they are not interchangeable, but equally valuable.  E-visits provide a way for written communication between a physician and their patients. Patients with questions or concerns can schedule an e-visit to talk to their doctors about basic symptoms and concerns through a message. This comes into use when an individual has a basic infection like upper respiratory or a sinus infection. They can quickly log on, message the doctor, gain a prescription, and be on with their day. All the time avoiding a drive to the office partnered with a lengthy wait.

Telehealth works slightly different, adding an audio/visual component like a video conference. It works similarly in the sense that it is it more convenient for the patient. The patient can accomplish the entire visit without having to leave their home. The difference is that the visual factor adds a way for patients to show visual symptoms. If an individual has symptoms, like a rash or bruise, that a physician needs to evaluate, telehealth is useful. It allows clinicians to quickly assess symptoms, diagnose, and treat patients.


Both of these methods shorten the time it takes for a physician to meet with a patient. This is great for a practice because clinicians can see more patients in one day. They can reach more individuals, outside of driving distance. The use of telehealth shortens wait times and saves times for everyone involved.

Another great benefit of telehealth and e-visits that make greatly important is that they are both key factors of the CPIA (Clinical Practice Improvement Activities). By utilizing these tools, you can earn your practice reimbursements since they offer increased point values through MIPS. In essence, you are expanding access to your practice by making it available through telehealth and e-visits.

By using technology, the line of communication between doctors and patients is wide open. Using written and visual communication, doctors can assess, diagnose, and treat a patient in a way that is convenient for them. Saving everyone time, and earning your practice money, telehealth and e-visits are equally important tools that providers should take advantage of.

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