Eligible Clinicians Can Make Money from MIPS: Part 1

Posted on  September 19, 2017


There’s an unseen benefit to the MIPS track for eligible clinicians.  Despite the dreaded burden of increased reporting, there is good to be had.  Ultimately, participants who do well can boost the financial standing of their practice by up to 10% or more through bonus payments.


Bonus Payment Add Up!

In Part 1 of this series, we will explain how to earn bonus points to increase your chances of earning a bonus payment:

  1. Additional high-priority measures
  2. End-to-end electronic reporting
  3. Being a small practice

Additional High-Priority Measures

In the Quality Category, eligible clinicians must report six relevant quality measures that include one high-priority measure.  However, if there is another high-priority measure that is relevant to your practice, you can report that data to CMS to earn bonus points.  This does not mean you will report seven measures instead of six.  It means that two of your six measures will be high-priority measures instead of one. You will receive 1-2 bonus points for each high-priority measure.  You cannot go over 10% of the Quality score.

End-to-End Electronic Reporting

Another way eligible clinicians can earn points is through end-to-end electronic reporting.  This is geared to pushing more providers to use certified EHR technology. You can receive 1 bonus point per measure reported with CEHRT. This one is also capped at 10% but is separate from the above.

Eligible Clinicians in Small Practices

This possibility is new for the 2018 performance year. To earn bonus points for being in a small practice you must have 15 or fewer eligible clinicians. To help you score better, they will add 5 points to your total score. This is for the Advancing Care Information category.  To earn these points, there is one requirement. You must give data on at least one performance category for that period.


Why is it important to earn bonus points? Because they improve your total performance score.  Eligible clinicians who rank in the top 25%, can earn up to 10% in bonus payments based on where they rank.  The higher you rank the more you receive.  Bonus payments mean more money for your practice to relieve the burden.

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