Healthcare Evolution Increases Medical Coding Jobs

Posted on  January 25, 2018


Healthcare in the United States is an increasingly evolving industry. Introductions in technology like Electronic Health Records and Telehealth are challenging the way providers provide care. Specialized technology and reimbursement programs are increasing the number of people needed in the field. This healthcare evolution is shifting where people are working in the field. Providers are outsourcing jobs like medical coding and billing. They are leaving less room for these jobs in their practice. Does this mean that medical coding jobs are decreasing in the industry? Not at all. The evolution that is occurring in the healthcare industry is actually increasing the amount of medical coding jobs within the U.S.

The Need for Medical Coding Jobs:

There are a few reasons that the industry is seeing an increase in the number of medical coding jobs. One of the main causes revolves around the changes in the reimbursement field. Payment programs surrounding new technology, regulations, and CPT/ICD coding are constantly shifting and changing. Providers are required to record, report, track and earn reimbursement for patient visits and interactions in very specific ways. It is difficult for practices to keep up with the large number of changes that occur from year to year. This is where medical coding jobs become extremely important and relevant.

Providers need certified coders to handle this ever-changing environment. It can be expensive for providers to keep up with the required training that their team needs. This pushes providers to outsource their medical coding jobs. Healthcare providers are outsourcing this job more than ever. Due to this, outsourced medical coding and billing companies are constantly in search for new coding specialists. The amount of medical coding jobs is increasing at a rapid rate.

Will this Change?

While there is always a question of whether or not this increase in medical coding jobs will last, the demand is expected to remain high. The expectation is that healthcare industry will never stop evolving. The introduction of new technology will never halt. Providers are constantly searching for new ways to provide quality and efficient care to their patients. The demand for trained professionals to handle the workload of billing and coding is a need that will exist as long as this evolution is occurring. While there is no set guarantee that the healthcare industry will not someday head in a different direction, it will not happen soon. Medical coding jobs are and will continue to be in high demand.

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