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Hoping for an iPhoneX this Holiday Season? Already have one and suffering through the complexities of navigating this new instrument? If you answered yes, read on.

AXO BILL’s Blog is relatively new. In the last few months, we have received so much traffic to the site and positive feedback. As a thank you, we’ve decided to giveaway an iPhoneX to one of our dedicated Blog readers. Read on to find out how!

The new iPhoneX is a quantum leap forward with respect to features and capabilities. The downside is adjusting to it may have a steep learning curve. With respect to a simple guide of basic navigation gestures click here. To optimize the phone and enable the hidden features click here. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win an iPhoneX click here.

The iPhoneX has new features and capabilities but significant changes with how to operate it.

Navigating the iPhone X for beginners  

Take Control of your iPhone X


  1. To wake up screen: Just tap on it.
  2. Open notifications: Swipe down from top left of screen
  3. Screenshots: Hold down on the volume up button and the sleep/wake button
  4. Restart the phone: Press volume down and sleep/wake button
  5. Flip between apps: Swipe up until around the center of screen to see all open apps. Swipe horizontally on bottom of screen to jump to next app
  6. Close apps: Hold down on one of the app cards and swipe up or tap little red minus sign
  7. Control center: Swipe down from upper right corner
  8. Siri: Press and hold right side button
  9. Apple Pay: Double click sleep/wake button and then look at phone so FaceID can confirm it’s you before paying
  10. Disable FaceID: press sleep/wake button 5 times
  11. Get home: swipe up from black line on bottom to get to home screen
  12. Face ID unlock: To get in quickest, swipe to unlock even before you see the FaceID padlock open

Enable hidden features to optimize user experience  

  1. Restore the Home Button aka Assistive Touch: In some ways, it is more versatile than the original Home button because it can be placed anywhere. You can set the virtual button to go Home with a single-tap, double-tap, long press, or 3D Touch. Or set the button for other shortcuts like launching the Control Center. To enable it, follow:
    1. Settings>select General > select Accessibility > scroll down and select AssistiveTouch> toggle it to on.
    2. On the same Accessibility menu> customize top level menu > can add custom icons and features.
    3. In the Custom Actions section select Single-Tap > select the function you want for tapping once > Return back to Assistive Touch > select Double-Tap or Long Press or 3D Touch and set the function for each.
    4. By default, the virtual button is at the top but you can drag it down to the bottom. The downside is each time you use the button, it returns to the default position at the top.
  2. Smart Invert Colors: This is essentially the new dark mode .It changes anything black to white and anything white to black. This makes it easier on your eyes when reading at night. This setting also saves up to 60% of battery life. To enable:
    1. Settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down to Accessibility Shortcuts > select Smart Invert colors.
    2. Once it is enabled, you can click the sleep/wake button 3 times to activate the setting.
  3. Emergency SOS: This is a very important safety feature. When you select SOS, your phone will call emergency services as well as text the emergency contacts that are setup in your phone to let them know you need help. [To add contacts to the emergency list, use the Health app]. There are two ways to access this feature. The first comes activated by default and the second you need to enable:
    1. Ability to have SOS in the power off screen. To access, press and hold the sleep/wake button together with the volume up.
    2. Ability to access SOS without even using the screen, just sticking your hand in the pocket – to enable it follow: Settings > scroll to Emergency SOS > ‘Also works with 5 Clicks’ toggle to on. Now you can at any time just press the sleep/wake button 5 times and it will activate emergency services
  4. Recording a video of your iPhone screen: Aside from taking screenshots, you can video your screen. To add this setting to the control center, do the following:
    1. Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > scroll down to Screen Recording, press the green plus sign and it will be added to your controls.
    2. To access it at any time, scroll up from the bottom to access the control center >select the screen recording icon . You will then see on top left of your phone the red indicator with recording time . To end the recording, tap the red indicator and it will automatically be saved to your photos.
  5. One-handed typing: – This feature is incredibly valuable because your thumb can now reach all of the keys.
    1. To activate: hold down the globe icon at the bottom left of the keyboard and now you can select to switch keyboard to either the left side or the right side depending on which thumb you’re trying to use.
    2. To disable: you can either press the globe icon again or press the Arrow Key
  6. Force Restart: If your phone is acting up and cannot shut off the normal way, you can follow these steps for a hard restart. First press the volume up> then press volume down> then press and hold the sleep/wake button for 10 seconds.
  7. Zooming on videos: While watching a video, you can pinch out to zoom full screen and go back by pinching inwards.
  8. Screen Dimming: This prevents your phone from dimming or turning off while you are actively looking at it. To enable it: Settings > General > Accessibility > scroll down to Attention Aware Features and toggle it to on.
  9. Recording a 4k video: By default, the phone records at 1080p, not a full 4k. To change this follow: Settings> scroll down and select camera > record video > Select 4k either 40 frames per second or 60.
A few fun features  

For a decade, the Home button was the focal point of the iPhone navigation and now it’s gone. It was sacrificed to allow for the edge-to-edge display. Apple replaced the Home button with a fluid, gesture- based navigation area which means you’ve got to learn a whole new set of motions. In the following post, we have tried to break down knowing and navigating the features that come along with the new phone.

A few of the new fun features:

  1. FaceID:It will still work if you’re wearing glasses, change your hair or grow your beard or are in low lighting. It works for unlocking the iPhoneX, Apple pay, or any third party apps that implement it similar to touch ID. If you want to keep someone from forcing you to unlock your phone using FaceID, you can hold the side button and one of the volume buttons to disable FaceID. The only way to get into your iPhoneX after this is to enter your passcode. A few cool features that come along with it:
    1. Reveal notification and messages for your eyes only. If it senses someone else’s face, it will hide the details of the notification.
    2. Keep the screen lit when you’re reading. So long as it senses your active attention, the screen will not dim. In the past, you had to keep tapping your phone every 30 seconds or so. We detail how to enable this setting above.
    3. Lower the volume of an alarm ringer while you are using the phone. Know the feeling of concentrating on reading something and being jolted or disturbed by the loud ringer? That’s over; you can concentrate without fear.
  2. Portrait selfies: This is definitely a phone of the future. All selfies will be better with the TrueDepth camera but if you tap portrait mode, you will get the same definition as the rear facing camera. It also allows adding lighting effects to your Portrait mode shots. And the selfie mode accommodates this too!
  3. Animojis: a new fun feature that picks up your facial and mouth movements and records voice to send in messages. In messages, tap the App icon then tap the little now press record and talk and move your face. Picks up all your facial and mouth movements and records voice.
Drawing Rules & Conditions  

Who? Who is eligible to win? Anyone over 18 located in the United States.

How? How can you be considered a ‘dedicated blog reader’? All you need to do is sign up to receive our once-a-week blog emails that notify you of blog posts that week. Make sure to sign up before January 8, 2018

What? What exactly will you be winning? An unlocked iPhoneX, 256 GB

When? The drawing will be held on Monday, January 8th. Make sure you are signed up before then. Winner will receive the iPhoneX within four weeks of the drawing.


Sign up for blog emails and enter a chance to win here

Let us know if you come across other features or hacks to add to the list.

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