The Pros and Cons of Health IT

Posted on  December 28, 2017


Health Information Technology (Health IT) makes up the whole of technology used by health care providers and practices. It includes software like the electronic health record (EHR), telehealth, and practice management software. Providers used Health IT endlessly within the industry. While the addition of this technology is constant throughout the United States, it comes with solid challenges as well. The talk surrounding Health Information Technology says practices will fail without its use. Research often fails to include the concerns surround Health Information Technology. This article will discuss both the pros and cons of Health IT to your practice.

Pros of Health IT

1)    Interoperability:

The introduction of Health IT into a practice creates interoperability. The use of EHR and practice management software makes communication between providers simpler. Health IT decreases the chance of duplicate test and treatments. This simplifies the care process for both the patient and provider

2)    Simplified Billing

Health information technology makes the medical billing process simpler. The technology caters to the needs of your practice. There is software that offers specific coding for your practice and specialty. This makes the billing process neater, increasing your clean claims rate.

3)    Ease-of-access

Health IT moves to make access to information easier for both patients and physicians. It has tools like the patient portal. Patients can better access their health info and records. It allows physicians to better retrieve patient information through electronically stored data.

4)   Saves Money

Your practice can save money on things like filing and transcription. Physicians can immediately dictate charts at the end of each visit and store them electronically. This replaces the need for your practice to hire someone to transcribe. It also increases patient engagement.  Research proves this to increase revenue within a practice by keeping patients involved.

Cons of Health IT

1)    Price

This is more of a concern from physicians who fear they lack the financial ability to add Health Information Technology. This is the top reason physicians/providers hesitate to adopt the technology into their practice

2)    Poor Vendors

There are many vendors of Health Information Technology that promote a certain ability. They claim that they are the best at what they do. Also that they are what is best for your practice. These claims are often misleading. This makes it hard for providers to find the right vendor for their practice. This is why it is important for a provider to heavily research several vendors before deciding on one.  Not all vendors are alike so it’s important to find the one that meets your unique needs.

3)    Updates

Another major concern of Health IT is whether it will always be ready for the frequent updates in the industry. Coding, along with rules and regulations, updates frequently within the industry. Providers worry that technology will lag behind, leaving them empty-handed. This is another reason why it is key to research vendors who have a good reputation for staying ahead of the game.


Considering all the advantages and concerns surround Health It, the argument still tends to favor it. The concerns can often be avoided with deep research of vendors and making sure you’ve found a quality technology provider. Adopting a good set of Health Information Technology in your practice is a great way to bring your practice to success.

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