Who’s the Baby: Trump or Kim?

Posted on  June 12, 2018


After the Singapore Summit, there are varying opinions as to its success. Obviously, those who have previously held President Trump in high regard think that the meeting was monumental, and those that have nothing but disdain for Trump feel that it was a waste of time as there are no details of any deal that have been forthcoming. Grudgingly, they have to admit that we are in a better position without having North Korea launch missiles, but say that Trump made a huge concession by cancelling joint military and naval exercises with South Korea. In response though, that particular issue it is not a really a hard concession, because if denuclearization does not proceed, Trump always has the ability to reinitiate war games with South Korea; so essentially Trump gave up nothing. But the real question is, when you read news articles about, and see the video that was prepared especially for Kim Jong-un, in which there are pictures of a beachfront resort that North Korea could have, and/or the video of Trump showing Kim Jong-un his limousine, “The Beast”, one has to wonder who is the baby.

On the one hand, one could say that Trump is acting in an infantile manner by going to a nuclear summit and showing the same type of video he might show if he was not the President and promoting the development of a beachfront resort and/or someone showing off his car. One would then conclude that President Trump was acting in an infantile manner.

On the other hand, one might say that President Trump is trying to develop a bond with a 30 something-year-old person who has never worked a day in his life and controls a nuclear arsenal. In fact, there are news reports that Kim Jong-un insisted that he needed the Presidential Suite of a particular hotel in Singapore but could not pay for it and was looking for someone to foot the bill as a condition of the Summit.  China had to provide the jet for Kim Jong-un’s transportation. Under these circumstances it is possible that the very smart way to engage and develop rapport with Kim Jong-un would be to show him what could be gained from peace in a demonstrable way. Show him a video and show him what can be accomplished, show him what being President of the United States means, and at least give him some ideas about what being an accepted leader of a people who is interested in their progress could mean to him.

So, it seems to be someone is the baby, the question is who. What do you think?

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  1. I think that you have a leader that has neen unfairly treated by some of your citizens. Just because things are not being done and approached in the manner youhave become to think of as the correct waydoes not mean it is not also ghe right way. When onedeals with a baby ad you put it what did you expect? One deals with them in an age specific and developmental age specific manner. Trump is made out to be a bully because he approaches things differently. Whilst people like Merkle has dominated an bullied her way through her tenure. Trump in mymeaning is not the baby. He evaluated the situation, adjusted his approach to Kim and dealt with him in a manner a spoilt child should be dealt with. Humour him, get him to do what you want him to do. If it does not pay off you do not soare the rod – the spoiled child will understand ig very quickly

  2. Nice article. A few comments. China provided the air transport not because NK wouldn’t pay for it but rather they have no planes to travel that far without landing to refuel.
    The only people with sustain for Trumps motives are the liberal left media who most educated people are becoming increasingly intolerant of.
    Thirdly, the contrast of this meeting to the rather cringeworthy visit of Obama to Cuba sitting under an image of the violent psychopath Chr Guevara, who even Rissia despised is palpable
    The video was totally cringeworthy and even a bit childish, meant to say if you join us we’ll give you some sweeties. I think a leader from a conflict where 300k citizens died and where the US dropped more munitions than against Nazi Germany would have more stoicism than that

  3. From my perspective, when a person values personal fame, fortune & power over humanity, has a proven track record of treating people unfairly, does what is necessary to dissolve competition rather than self improve and lift the underdog, that person may work up to “manager” but is not a “true leader.” When one takes advantage of others to push a personal, ego-driven agenda, and reveals an additional agenda lacking in a solid moral & ethical code, or prides oneself on ‘getting around the laws in place by admittingly cheating & lying – without remorse, i find it difficult to respect that individual. I prefer to ask, “who is the most worthy leader?” and ‘neither’ would be my answer.

  4. No question Kim is the baby, Trump has proven over and over his is leader, a deal maker, straight forward, I am one the tens of million people who are proud to be American, rather have Donald Trump as our president, 101% better then the in heart Muslim,

  5. Trump is an egotistical man by no uncertain terms. And sometimes he is quite the ass. But he is also a Salesman and a negotiator of the highest order. He know what it takes to set the stage for a proper negotiation, and giving the little man in Korea the illusion that he is in charge, and has the opportunity to become relevant in world politics is just part of the negotiation. Just as calling him “Rocket Man” and threatening to send “Fire and fury as the world has never seen” is a negotiating tactic. He set the stage for the summit, and it looks to me it was brilliant.

    The G7 Summit and threatening to set tariffs with our trading partners is NOTHING MORE than a negotiation tactic on his part. One of the best negotiation tactics is the “take away”. If you go in on a hard deal and immediately take the deal away from the other person, it puts them on their heels. And they start negotiation with you in a much more level playing field because they know that you can and will walk away from the deal.

    Say what you will about the egotistical maniac that is out President, our unemployment rate is lower than it has been since the 1970’s, building is up, our economy is up, and so what if the world all of a sudden doesn’t like us quite as much. They will get over it, because they know they need America more than we need them. It is about time we stood up and put America first for a change.

  6. There is too much looking for the “home run” here and not enough respect for the “base hit,” in baseball terms. There was a meeting, something vague was agreed to and that’s about it. Nice, promising and who really knows where this will lead us? The pre-hysteria is Trump’s fault, because he tends to blow everything out of proportion and make every minute of his day monumental and earth shattering, when it is often just bland, mediocre or even less than that. Like a great promoter he creates “the moment;” sets the highest of expectations; declares victory and goes home making the V for Victory Sign. This all then gets turned over to the TV pundits and critics to tear apart and create the well anticipated controversies we hear about, daily. Was this meeting/agreement a big deal or not? Were there ulterior motives at work? It’s all second guessing in a vacuum of missing details. It’s all too much to deal with and so unnecessary. All we really want to know is – “what’s in it for us?” Will we be any safer as a result of Trump’s meeting with Kim. PERIOD. The signed agreement lacks details and key words like “validate?” Japan once met with the US to talk peace, while their bombers were already in the air headed to Pearl Harbor. Maybe, the substantive detail swill come later? We hope so. Trump complains about the Iraq deal, which had ten times the truth and consequences than this one. So, we’ll see. Right now, all we know is that Trump and Kim signed this agreement; both declared victory (different wins, though) and bojth ent home, leaving us with more questions than answers. So, “what’s in it for us?” Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see. Tempered expectations, at best. Hopes and prayers, too. Nothing much to celebrate , yet. A base hit that has yet to be driven home. In baseball, it only matters after the runner crosses home plate.

  7. No doubt this is a new era in politics. Simply put President Trump and his entourage mainly Mad Dog choked a country from receiving monetary funds. It was genius on how China stop buying coal from North Korea and in turn by from the USA. Helping our country industries while squeezing the NK regime, a country already going hungry. Then a few hardcore military excercises and a few harsh words. I think NK is thinking we are dealing with a madman.
    Nevertheless watch the dominoe effect with the Iran negotiations..

  8. Over the past 25 years several U.S. Presidents had secured promises from the North Korea leaders, all of which they went on to break. This current young leader is likely about as trustworthy as his ancestors, meaning that he cannot be trusted at all.

    But he was willing to meet with essentially a television personality that reduces every complex issue to money and negotiation, an egotistical man also known for avoiding the truth, almost at all cost.

    So what is the expectation of such a short meeting between two volatile and unpredictable personalities? No one knows, but that doesn’t stop Trump’s supporters from suggesting a Nobel Prize just as his detractors say he gave away far too much in this deal.

    All I know is that without this particular agreement, war would almost become a certainty in the not-too-distant future. So though I may be unreasonably optimistic and naive, I am nevertheless hopeful that some dynamic from this progress results in a denuclearized Korean Peninsula and was can be avoided.

    Lessons learned from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are that we lost lives and treasure, and we gained very little. We found ourselves in quicksand from which we could not escape easily. A war with North Korea would be no different. Let’s give peace a chance.

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