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Free Practice Analysis

AXO is committed to offering every client a real value proposition. Accordingly, before on-boarding any new client, AXO Offers a Free Practice Analysis based on which AXO’s practice finance team can point out current revenue cycle issues as well as offer a conservative estimate of the improvement your practice can expect if you sign with AXO.

No Lengthy Contracts

AXO is unique in that we offer month-to-month contracts. Unhappy, cancel at any time, but we don’t think you will.

Medical Billing Service gives you freedom to choose your own EMR and Practice Management Software - AXO HMS
Freedom of Choice

We believe you should own your own data! That’s why AXO gives you the freedom to choose whichever billing & EHR platform you prefer.

Medical Billing Service transparency

Access your billing and patient records anytime, anywhere. AXO gives you full control over your practice without the billing headaches.

Cyber Insurance

Although not required under HIPAA, AXO is one of the few revenue cycle management companies that has cyber insurance – just in case. AXOs insurer is comfortable that adequate safeguards are in pace. So should you.

Medical Billing Service with Attorneys on Staff
Legal Counsel

With so many regulations, the typical practice cannot keep up with let alone maintain regulatory compliance. AXO has retained counsel to help stay compliant with HIPAA and other important industry guidelines.

Medical Billing Services Don't Take Sick Days - AXO HMS
No Sick Days

With hundreds of employees on staff, we submit your claims every night, on-time. We’re always working for you.

Dedicated Account Manager

As an AXO client, you will have a dedicated account manager to whom you can address any questions or concerns. AXO maintains open lines of communications with its providers in addition to maximizing your recovery.

Get Medical Claims Paid Faster
Quality Control Teams

Our quality control team reviews claims before they’re submitted, this means fewer errors and faster reimbursements.

AXO HMS is a member of American Association of Professional Coders - AAPC
AXO HMS is a member of Healthcare Billing Management Association - HBMA
AXO HMS is a member of Medical Group Management Association - MGMA